Published July 2016 | Deloitte

“Under increasing pressures to cut costs and achieve efficiencies in the current global macroeconomic situation, organizations fervently continue to look for destinations that are not only cost-effective, but can also provide quality services especially in terms of high-end processes. In this regard, South Africa has, to a large extent, been able to establish its offshoring mettle.

The emergence of South Africa’s offshoring capabilities is supported by a number of factors including improving the country’s risk profile in terms of infrastructure, foreign trade and the availability of a large talent pool which is not only proficient in English but also has linguistic capabilities in French, German and Spanish.”

A number of European, US and Australian companies have started offshoring complex processes to South Africa

While it has established itself as an emerging offshoring destination, it is further evolving to offer a lucrative customer-oriented workforce with capacity to deliver work of varying complexity. The emergence of South Africa has helped companies to provide quality services at lower costs in comparison to onshore delivery centers.

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